Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hard Rock

I've found a new shop/challenge sit called Scrapbookit. Actually, I've applied for their DT too so fingers crossed. They have a sketch up which has to be completed by 15 March. I believe I may just be first to put up a layout. Yay. Here is the sketch. Pretty, yes?

February Sketch Challenge

Here is what I created.

My colour scheme is red, yellow and blue and I've used papers, stickers and a little chippy guitar to tie it all in. This was an amazing Hotel we stayed in. That guitar out the front played music and the strings actually moved in time to the music. The elevator music was rock and there was memorabilia everywhere. I loved it.


  1. Great layout. I applied too so fingers crossed for us both :-D

    Hard Rock cafe's are heaps of fun but I've never been to a hotel of theirs.

  2. ohhh, good luck Dale... My fingers and toes are crossed for you... well done on the weight loss to... you are doing so well :)