Wednesday, March 16, 2011

5 Kilos

I've met my goal this week of a .5 loss. This is fairly good actually because Saturday night was our 16 year wedding anniversary and we went for a degustation meal at Harvest Restaurant. It was 6 courses with 5 wines to match. Also it is the time of the month to each chocolate so ... happy enough.

Next week my mini goal is to reach 66.5 so I will have to work harder and lose .8.

Thanks for the tip Nerrida. I bought wholemeal bread yesterday. The other 3 households members adore white bread. I prefer multi-grain but they won't eat it. They probably won't eat the wholemeal either and will most likely complain once they realise.


  1. way to go Dale... woo hoo, and yep, Im taking Nerridas advice and buying wholemeal from now on too, my Hubby will have a fit, but, he will get over it... or he will starve LOL

  2. You girls are so kids just weren't given a choice - wholemeal or nothing (LOL). You are doing so well Dale and that's great goal for next week. Can't wait to see how you go.

  3. Yaaaay You!! Congrats on your 16 yrs too :) Good luck with your mini goal!!