Wednesday, March 2, 2011

5 Kilos

Hi there,

I thought that seeing as everyone else is weighing in on Wednesday I ought to change from Monday. So, here I am falling into line. hahaha
Last week I was 68.7 so a loss of .7 is my best week so far. Yay. I'm happy with that.

I think a good weight loss tip is not to feel like you must finish everything on your plate, especially if someone else has served up your meal. Only eat as much as you feel comfortable eating, even if there are only two bites worth left. I always did this most of my life but less so over the last couple of years and I think it has made a bit of a difference. So, I vow to reinstate that practise.

Now, a favourite meal that I could make less calorie laden. I love potato scallop dish. This is made with a carton of lite thickened cream. It is really delicious. I have found a recipe for a backed potato scallop dish that uses stock instead and it is still really nice with the added bonus of my dairy allergic son being able to partake of it too. So, I have been cooking that instead and it's really tasty.


  1. Oh yes Dale - well done AND I have tried that stock-based one too and it is yummy - even my kids said so. Thx for reminding me. And yes, I too must remember to dish up smaller meals and mot feel like I have to eat it all. My DH dished up a hugs meal the other night and my eyes nearly popped out of my head (LOL).

  2. Awesome work Dale! You are seriously doing this!!
    I would love to get that potato recipe if you wouldn't mind sharing :)
    Luv Renee

  3. Woo hoo well done Dale!! I agree with your tip on only eating until you feel comfortable. I know as a kid my parents used to make us eat everything on our plate!! It's a habit that sticks with you I think.