Wednesday, April 27, 2011

5 Kilos, Easter and Mark's birthday


I varied up my exercising this week. Had a turn at Wii tennis, went to the oval and kicked the footy about twice and did a whole lot of gardening, only went walking the one time.

Had a wonderful Easter break. The Easter Bunny was very kind.

My beautiful boy turned 11 yesterday.  Here's just one of the many pics.


My mini goal last week was not to put on weight this week. I knew it would be hard. I failed. I put back on the .4 I took off last week.  All things considered, this is not as bad as it could have been. Easter, birthday, School holidays and waking up at 4am in the morning have all played their part.

I did have a piece of the above lemon cake, albeit a small one. That's the first piece of cake since starting out on this journey.

The Easter Bunny was very generous to me. Mark made me a card that had "To my awesome Mummy" on the front. (That was really was bright and shiny.)

Now I did have two of those little bunnies and two of the crunchie eggs. I do love chocolate but can be pretty good at only eating it in moderation. Plus, not pictured, hubby gave me a box of Lindt ball chocs. Sigh.

So, last week I had lost 4 out of the 5 kilos but this week I backslid by .4. One week left. Unless I starve myself I won't be losing the last kilo this week but I will keep trying regardless. My actual goal is to reach 65kgs and keep at or below that weight.

Hope everyone did well this week.


  1. Well, all things considered you're doing pretty good Dale. You're like me, I can eat chocolate in moderation too and I love that you did some totally different excerise! Now to give this week a really good go...good luck!

  2. Happy birthday Mark xx.... what a gorgeous card he made for you dale :) good on you for being so disiplined with all that chocolate in front of you.... I gave specific orders for NO ONE to buy me chocolate... Cos, unfortunately, Im not as diciplined as you are :( ...... well done, you are doing great xx