Sunday, March 30, 2014

CSI Case File #116 - PT 50

The scene image this week pretty much depicts what my husband thinks about and owns except the guitars are missing. Therefore, I had to make a page about him.

Paul turned 50 last month and he desperately wanted a new piece of musical equipment. He already had a similar item but this one is better so he upgraded. He ordered it a bit late so it didn't arrive on his birthday, but 2 weeks later.

Evidence is met by:

  • music elements
  • metal (on brads)
  • solid black background
  • diagonal cross hatch pattern
  • journal on several different journalling spots
  • Be inspired by Memoirs ( Links to the post I got the quote by Bono from.
This was my last week as a special agent at CSI. I've really enjoyed my time there. I do love the challenges they pose and wish to thank Debbi and Julene for giving me the opportunity.

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