Sunday, January 31, 2021

6" x 12" Thinking of You cards

Last year I was asked by my Chorus, A Cappella West, to make a card for each of the Choruses in Melbourne, Australia. There are 5.  They were not able to get together to sing due to Covid-19. We wanted to show our support.

I made each of them a large 6" x 12" card so that there was room enough inside for all of our 85 Chorus members to sign it and leave a message.

The Management Team wanted a nice photo of our Chorus to go on the front. We chose one from our 2019 trip to compete in New Orleans in front of the Natchez Riverboat.  Our Chorus' colours are black and pink so I chose those colours for my cards.

Happy with how they turned out.  The Choruses loved receiving them.

Unfortunately, today Perth has gone back into lockdown. One overseas traveller who possibly has the UK variant of Covid-19 has been out and about spreading it around.  Not very happy. Hope it is all contained quickly.

Dale x

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