Wednesday, May 20, 2015

We won gold!

Well, I can hardly believe it. My Chorus, A Cappella West, won the regional Convention. We are gold medal winning champion singers. We now have the chance to compete at International level next October in Las Vegas.  How exciting is that? We will have to work hard and fund raise like mad.

It was my first Convention. I've been a member of A Cappella West for 2 years in 3 weeks' time. It's such a great achievement for all involved. Our 2 Directors achieved Master Director status. It's so fantastic for them and for each of us, but especially for the 15 out of 80 that competed for the first time. We were all extra ecstatic.

We got the chance to perform on stage 3 times. The first time was to do our two contest songs, Somewhere Over The Rainbow and Jazz Me Blues.

The second time was when we went on stage and accepted our medals, then we sang Gospel Medley and How We Sang.

Lastly, as winners we performed in a Showcase, where we sang Gospel Medley and Holding Out for a Hero.

Here are a few pictures for you to see.

This is us on stage. This is a photo of our last big moment on stage during the Showcase. We had just completed singing Hero.  We usually all wear pink and black. We have 5 quartets that competed and that's why some of the ladies are in other costumes, they're wearing their quartet costumes that they had performed in during the Showcase.

This is my friend and roomie Andrea and I in front of our room. I had put a scrapbook patterned paper on our door for people to writes messages on. It will be going in the scrapbook I will make of our trip. We are showing our gold medals.

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  1. Congratulations! I heard you on radio I think, but didn't pick up it was your group, just the winners. Your link that you gave us doesn't work - would love to hear you again! You will be busy now raising funds - well done once again!