Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Winning Team - a sports layout for FS2S based on The Fairy

Did the title tempt you to read a bit more?  I hope so.

I'm sure parents of girls will be thrilled with this month's inspiration movie poster, The Fairy for From Screen 2 Scrap's challenge. But, as a parent of boys, here is what I came up with.

The Fairy (2011) Poster

So how did I come to do a football page you might ask? I knew I didn't have any fairy photos to use. I looked at the image of the girl and thought of leaping and then I thought of football. It's footy season in Australia at the moment.  My son Mark is a really good footy player. He joined in the School football team when he was back in Year 6 and they had a terrific year. The first game against Bateman was played in appalling wintery conditions. I goal umpired in my trench coat, wellington boots and a cap. The water was streaming down the front of my cap and down the back of my neck. Mark kicked 6 goals in those conditions, very admirable. Bateman's team contained 6 of his Booragoon Football teammates that he played with on the weekend. Much kudos that week for Mark.

This team photo that I took was put into the School newsletter.

The criteria this month is be inspired by the poster as usual, plus add clouds for 1 point, a white title for 2 points and lots of blue for 3 points.

I think you can see my inspiration pretty easily.

I hope you decide to join in. Poor old FS2S has not been well patronised lately. Please, please, if you can have a crack at this I'd really love it.


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