Friday, December 3, 2010

Cost of scrapping

Who's other half complains to them about who much our wonderful hobby costs? Mine doesn't normally. I really only have the one hobby and to my mind I am creating these wonderful scrapbooks for the whole family. He can't say the same about his hobby of playing electric guitar (which was ridiculously expensive btw). Hubby did make a comment this morning about the cost of my scrapbooking.
Admittedly for many years my hobby was free as I taught scrapping and earned all of my goods for free with some change left over for a holiday account. Now I haven't done that since March 2008.
I guess I felt a little surprised that he feels like I spend an awful lot on my supplies. I know that I could stop purchasing new product now and still be able to scrap for a few years on just my stash (apart from adhesive).
Anyone like to share their view?


  1. This is too funny and serious at the same time!!! I cant stop buying paper!!!! But, I do agree with you.... we could probably scrap fro MORE than a couple of years without buying new things!!!

    Welcome to the DT!!

  2. I buy to much,like everybody!!
    Nice to be with you on the Scrap Tiffany team!!
    Have a nice weekend!!

  3. Hi Dale! happy to be with you on the Scrapp Tiffany DT ~Gaby

  4. Congrats on the Scrap Tiffany DT.. looking forward to working with you.