Monday, November 1, 2021

November challenge at ARTastic

When I saw this month's inspiration painting it reminded me of a canvas I had begun at a workshop on 12/8/18. There was not enough time to complete it at the workshop so I brought it home and there it sat.

I was inspired to complete it as I think it very nicely relates to the painting below.

Emma Uber with "Beauty will save the world"

I had drawn the design in pencil and painted some of the flowers and that was all.  I decided to use black around the edges for a more striking look.

Here is a pic of it part way completed. 

Here a couple of what I consider to be done. I'm no artist so I really was a bit scared of stuffing it up.  It could be way better but it looks alright and I had fun doing it. Mainly, I am glad I finally completed it. So, thanks Jane.

Thanks for looking.

Dale x

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