Wednesday, October 23, 2019

A tragedy and a sympathy card

Yesterday a terrific teacher and mentor of mine passed away from breast cancer.

Her name was Lindsey Dyer and she was the co-Director of the Chorus I sing in, A Cappella West.

She was full of life, joyful and enthusiasm, especially for the craft of barbershop and educating others in it.

I took this sneaky shot of Lindsey with the gold cup before the 2018 competition. We went on to win that cup, in large part because of her. 

This is a photo of me with Lindsey and Gail. Lindsey also knew how to have a lot of fun.

We are all very sad she has gone. She will leave a big hole where she once was.

I've made a card for our Chorus to all sign. There are 95 of us so it had to be a big card.  It's 4 pages altogether.

Our current Chorus costume was orange and purple, some of Lindsey's favourite colours as it happens, so it was a no brainer what colours I would use. I also added green and white as accents.  This card took me 4 hours to make, longer than any other card I've ever made, but this one was very special.

I hope you like it. Here are some pics.

 This is the front.

 I added 6 different types of beads as a feature.

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