Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Artistry quartet produce a double page spread

I combined my two hobbies earlier this year. I put together a quartet to sing a song and produce a scrapbook double page layout at the same time. We performed the skit at a Chorus retreat earlier this year.

I pre-prepared the pieces and backed them with double sided tape and had them laid flat on a table in front of us on the stage. As we sang the song we held up a piece each in turn and then stuck them to the pages until we had sung through the song twice and completed the layout. Then we held it up so the audience could see the finished product.

The hand was actually produced using Karin's gelli plate. She and I had fun making it in her studio one day. We didn't do it with this project in mind but it was clear that it would work perfectly.

I did have a Chorus member from each part of barbershop but our tenor was unavailable so another bass filled in for us.

Singing the nursery rhyme 1,2,3,4,5  Dale, Karin, Erica and Andrea put together a page to illustrate the song.

Andrea, Karin, Erica and Dale with their masterpiece

The finished page

I'm submitting this layout in this week's Papercrafter's Corner Monday magazine challenge (week 114). I picked up on the blue and orange in the cover. Also, the top  blue and side strip of orange, plus the turtle's shell all look like fish scales.