Friday, October 31, 2014

Ring Ring - layout for Archiscraps


Congratulations to Debi for her win in October's challenge. Now on to November.

This is my layout as Designer for this month's challenge at Archiscraps.

I took this photo of my two Samsung phones. I liked my little one as it flipped up to answer it and you didn't have to lock it. It also fit very easily into my pocket. Of course it did not do all the wonderful things my new one does.
I was looking at getting a new one but was actually forced into it. I was sitting at a high bar on a stool in Singapore with Paul and I accidentally dropped my phone. The back that came off where the battery was housed went flying under a massive immovable pylon that had a very tiny gap. I tried to fetch it with my pinky fingers but no go. It always was a bit loose anyhow.
I now have a lovely Samsung Galaxy S4.
I chose this photo  as it was mostly white and black like the inspiration photo. Also today's phones have wonderful ring tones which are musical and you can play your music on them. I use mine to record myself singing at Chorus rehearsal. The extra criteria is use a song title. I couldn't go past ABBA's song  "Ring Ring" for this layout.

Get your entry in at Archiscraps now and you could win the prize from Funky Flairs. Check out their Facebook page.

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