Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Diamonds and bling

Now what girl doesn't love a diamond? What girl wouldn't love to see (own) the Hope Diamond? Ah, deep sigh.
Photographing it was actually difficult. It is in an enclosed glass case which revolves and a light inside goes on and off. Now you can imagine how many people also want to photograph it when you do. It has to be facing you and the light must be on as well. So, it takes some time but that way you get to look at it for longer as well. It really is spectacular.  I had to do a special layout just for it. I'm so glad I've seen it.

I've used a background pp of Basic Grey Lauderdale. I've created a circle with a white pen. Of course I had to use a lot of bling on this page. It required it.

I have designed this page with Show Us Your Stuff's 15th December challenge in mind. You had to use the colours blue, white and a splash of red. Also there is a bonus if you include a melted organza flower. I've done that too. The fabric happens to have a blue sparkle in it.


  1. Hi dale thanks so much for plahing at Susy I love your lo, and thanks for using the try this technique

  2. gorgeous, Dale. What a stunning diamond - wow!!!

  3. Wow - isn't that diamond spectacular! You managed to get a great shot in difficult circumstances. Great idea to add the brochure with your own pics too.