Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tutorial - Paper Tear Flower

Today (and part of last night) I made 9 x Paper Tear Flowers. At least, that is what I am calling them. I had a bright idea of tearing strips of paper up to make some flowers. Here's how I did it. (Please forgive the photos. even though it is spring is it dull and rainy here.

First, choose 3 complementary papers that are fairly thick and have a white inner (not dyed all the way through). Choose a length that you want and sit there tearing up strips. I had a tool to help me. I used a Creative Memories tearing tool. Made this job a little quicker.

Then I decided that I would turn the ends over and glue them down to create a little lift on the ends.

Set to dry.

 Then layer the 3 papers until you have created a flower shape, leaving the turned up edges underneath. (not the like one on top as you can see it is no good this way)

Choose another complentary piece of thick paper with a white centre and tear some circles for your flower centre.

I've used another Creative Memories tool, this time a punch. It is a splat punch.  I have a lot of Creative Memories tools as I used to be a Consultant. They are really excellent tools. I've placed the splat over the top of the circle to create a more realistic flower.

Now you just need to push a hole through all of the layers in order to put a brad through to hold it all together.

Here is the final result.

I've made these flowers as part of Amandas Scraps Swaps for November. I chose the theme of flowers and these are for the embellishments choice. I only needed to make 5 but I made as many as I could with the amount of torn paper that I had. I'm sure these will come in handy. They'd probably be nice on a card.

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