Sunday, July 10, 2011

Snowy mountains layout and card for the road trip

Week 6's destination is the snowy mountains. For the layout that means ALL WHITE. Now, there is a challenge, plus use the secret bonus items. These were the chippy snowflakes. What to do with those when you live in Perth, a really dry place. I chose to use this photo Mark and I took last June of the Perth skyline over the Swan River. The river was sparkling so you need to pretent the snowflakes are sparkles. hee hee

The card criteria was it had to be glittery. I made last week's card super glittery so I thought ??? What to do. Anyway, I made another glittery card using some glitter paper and a flower with glitter on the edges. Glitter is not my fave thing as it makes a lot of mess when you use it. I'll have to give these cards to friends in person. I'm sure that flower won't fit in an envelope. ahahaha


  1. wow Dale... your Pearth LO is just sooo pretty..... love it :)

  2. LOL I cant spell, but know good LO's when I see them he he xx

  3. Terrific LO the cool whites with your photo & great glittery card too. You are on a roll!

  4. Beautiful work on both of your pieces, Dale! I am picturing the scene right now. 'Love the white on your LO!!

    Oh, thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog. I really appreciate it!!