Monday, January 31, 2011

Valentine's Day card tutorial

I have made a Valentine's Day card today and I'm going to give you simply instructions on how to create it.

  1. Start with a 6" x 12" piece of cardstock or other thick 12" paper. I've used 12" American Crafts - Romance - Tainted Love.
  2. Score down the centre and fold in half.
  3. Punch out 20 x 1" hearts in at least 4 colours.
  4. Adhere punched hearts in rows until the card is filled.
  5. One of the hearts I punched was in white vellum. I like that the stripes show through a little. Even though this card is mainly pink I think it makes it a little more masculine. As this card is for my husband I didn't want to to be all girly.
  6. Finished.


  1. Fab card Dale - love the design & your instructions! Awww how lovely that you are going to give it to your hubby....
    I will try to make one too!

  2. I love this card Dale. Great for Vday!

  3. love that card regards to the send me all 10...makes it easier when im sorting them out