Saturday, May 21, 2011

STB - Warhammer

The current challenge at Scrap The Boys is to scrap his collection. That's super easy. Mark asked me to take some photos of his Warhammer 40K collection earlier this year and they needed scrapping. He collections Chaos Space Marines and his Land Raider tank is his pride and joy. It took him ages to glue together and paint.
The WAR part of the title I have painted black and put some rub-ons on. A lot of the colours of space marines are black, red and silver so I've used those colours. He loves it.


  1. SNAP!! Did the same page Dale my son looooves his warhammer collection. I got in trouble because I didnt put 40k on my page..LOL
    Great Page :)

  2. Just thought i'd drop by and say hello... Love your page... (cwc)