Saturday, May 21, 2011

HBTY - Day 82

Caught In a Corner

So you know all that fabulous 12x12 paper that is perfect for scrapbooking, but not always for cardmaking? Well, I disagree - I think that whether it has large patterns/images or fancy edges, it can still make a beautiful addition to a card.

And that's my challenge for you today - use patterned paper that is intended for a scrapbook layout, and cut a piece down to fit a card. That's where the title of the challenge comes from - just cutting out a little corner of it - but you can use any piece you want.


  1. very clever Dale :) I hope you are well, and you are having a lovely weekend xx Can you re email me your address please, so I can send out your happy mail, my computer died, adn Ive lost all my contacts :)

  2. gorgeous card Dale! what you did with the challenge :)
    Gina {hopping from CWC}