Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day and Day 68

First of all - HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!  I got some nice pressies. I went to watch my wonderful son Mark play a blindingly good first football match of the season. He kicked 2 goals and 2 points and got man of the match. Here's a pic of the boy in action.

After that we went to visit my Mum. Here's a pic of me with her opening her presents.

Hope all of you Mums out there had a great day and all of you guys paid homage to your Mothers.

Day 365 Cards; Day 68 - You Can Do It!

Here is the challenge:

Sometimes we just need a little push to go after the things we want. Occasionally that means being inspired by someone who is a "go getter" -- someone who's strong, driven, hard-working, etc.
Here is a classic image of just what I'm talking about

This image of Rosie the Riveter really inspires me not to let bad things get me down, and I think it can inspire a really beautiful and meaningful card.

I chose to do a card I can give to one of my boys after they have achieved something really great. I've used lots of word/phrase stickers. I got the original idea from the I Believe I can sticker. It related back to the slogan I Can Do It really well. I think achievements should be celebrated and rewarded. A card is a great way to do that. I incorporated all of the colours from the pic and added a little green.



  1. Great job! It's beautiful!!!

  2. What a great encouragement card ~Karen

  3. gorgeous card Dale... happy mothers day for yesturay.. and WTG Mark.. woo hoo xx

  4. My card got Spotlight Designer for Day 68! Yay.