Monday, January 2, 2012

Reveal - a fun card

From Screen 2 Scrap this month has an older movie poster to draw inspiration from. It's a 1947 Christmas movie. Look at the elaborate hairdo Maureen has. My goodness, what a long time it would take to get ready to go out anywhere.

Here is the link to more info on the movie.

The criteria is :

1) A santa on the page= 1 pt
2) Brown, orange and yellow hues = 
2 pts
3) Use your house number as part of the same title
(Example = Miracle on 12th Street)  = 
3 pts

I chose to make a Christmas card for Mark's male Primary School teacher. I printed a fun digital image of Santa going in to have a surf. I've got my street number, which is 20, in the title and I've used the specified colours.

Why not have a go yourself at

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