Sunday, January 9, 2011

SB Stash Stomper

Mark's Under 12's cricket coach organised a kids vs parents match in lieu of a bye week. It was great fun. I wanted to play and had the boys give me some batting and bowling practise in the nets during the week. I decided to dress the part and wore Paul's coaching shirt (from when he coached Mark in Under 10s) and the Ardross matching cap.  How funny.

The design for the layout was inspired by an article I saw about 8 months ago in the TV guide (referring to the title and strips above each word). It looked really effective and I've been wanting to use it ever since.

This was done for Scrap Boutique's Stash Stomper for January. Had to use lots of alphas.

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  1. Hi there :) thanks for the lovely comments on my blog Dale... and a BIG congrats on the 'screen to scrap' DT... You must go to the imagination factory nextr time you are in Ballarat.. its brilliant. And let me know when you are there, we may be able to meet up :)