Sunday, January 30, 2011

5 kilos scrappers challenge

I have bitten the bullet and am going to take up this challenge to motivate me to lose 5 kilos. I have been wanting to for some time but nothing is happening. Still partaking of cake probably doesn't help. I shouldn't bake.

The above is a site set up by Karen Shady who has recently lost a lot of weight. The address for the blog is There are also prizes to be won but the main win will be the 5 kilo loss for me.

I had to take a photo of me on the scales. Did that this morning. Here is the pic.

I have to describe how to reach my target weight. I plan to:

  • lay off the sugary processed foods and drinks
  • walk 2-3 times per week (already do this)
  • swim laps or walk around the bridges with a friend once a week (about an 1 hr 15 minute)
  • eat more fruit and veg
  • do floor exercises each day in my lounge room in front of the TV (used to do this)

I also plan to weigh myself each Monday morning and put it on my blog. Accountability and evidence. Something to motivate me. I won't do it tomorrow as I'm doing it now. Monday, 7 Feb will be the next blog.

I have several celebrations coming up, husband's birthday, Valentine's and wedding anniversary and we have planned dinner out for each of them. This will be a challenge.

Also, part of the deal is to scrap a page about my journey.

So, wish me luck. I want to be 65 kilos real soon.


  1. YAY DALE woo hoo... you have made the first step. Im proud of you :)) the race is ON !! LOL

  2. Oh yes Dale - you can do this. You have made yourself accountable - good for you! I am SO with you on the giving up sugary stuff - the major cause of my health problems and weight gain.

  3. Hi Dale - I'm right there with you on this challenge. Yes I agree - baking is way too tempting, sadly. Hope you get back on track with your walking on a non-garbo day!