Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Secret Santa and Advent Calendar

Amanda's Scraps Swaps is having a Secret Santa for December. I've put my name down for it. You have to make 6-10 handmade items for your person and send before Christmas. Easy. Just click on the link if you want to join in. It will be fun. It's nice to get a surprise for Christmas, don't you think?

I've made an Advent Calender today for Red Earth's Christmas A-Z Advent Calender. It's for a special something Helen is running over Christmas.
Christmas-Comp 2011 ad.jpg

Here is my calender. It is a Little Yellow Bicycle Kit which I bought last year and have had sitting there. I've never had my own advent calender. I use a special one for the boys with little pockets which I put sweets in. They absolutely love it. Mine doesn't have lollies. Not sure what Helen means for us to do with it yet. Time will tell I suppose.

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