Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award - take a peek

Blow me away, I have received an award from a fellow blogger, by name of Harmony Sweetpea (her blog is at

So now it is my duty to share seven random facts with you, then pass this award on to seven talented bloggers. So, here we go:

  1. I love Rick Springfield, have done since I was 14 and Jessie's Girl was first released in Australia. I got to meet him (and give his a smooch and a squeeze) last October. Bucket List item ticked off.
  2. I love to swim.
  3. Even though I haven't done it in  a while I really love to ride horses. We owned and trained race horses when I was growing up. What young girl doesn't want to have a horse?
  4. I have two handsome, talented and intelligent sons.
  5. Do I actually need to say it? SCRAPBOOKING is my hobby and passion.
  6. I'm in a book club, we meet once a month at The Left Bank.
  7. Blue is my favourite colour.
I now nominate the following talented bloggers for a Stylish Blog Award:

Tiffany - A very inspiration lady and a blog to match.

Debi - A lovely lady and I like her scrapping style, she has a lot of variety in what she creates.

Mandysea - Check out the eye candy here. Great name for a blog too.

Karen - Can't miss out Karen. We were on a DT together and she's currently DT for Kaisercraft. I'm sure you've seen her stuff somewhere.

Nay and Gilly - You get two ladies in one blog. Only a recent find but can recommend.

Natalie - Fabulous creative artist and a doctor.  Talented.

Leelou - You've got to check this blog out.

Don't you just love looking at blogs. So much creativity out there. Why not pay this forward ladies? You might find someone you'd like to follow too.


  1. Congrats, Dale! That is so awesome! This is so well deserved!!

  2. Wow that was so quick! The answer to your question, when you are in the new post screen, one of the editing options at the top is "link". When you highlight the text you want it to read and click link, it will then give you the option to put the address in for where you want it to link to. Don't worry... I'm new to all that too :-) Enjoy your award.

  3. Awwww , thankyou so much for the award Dale... have a wonderful weekend xx

  4. Congrats to is a lovely gift to receive & give.

    Thank you so much for pasing this lovely award onto me Dale...I will wear it with pride!

  5. tHANKS SO much for the award!!! I'm so sorry I'm so late getting here!
    My life is crazy!!!!
    Anyway... had a sticky at your work!! Fabulous work!!!