Thursday, April 30, 2015

My First Convention

Something a little different from me today. I'm going to tell a little about my other major hobby.

Well, almost two years ago now, I joined a Chorus called A Cappella West. My friend Andrea introduced me to the Group. It's a group of 90 odd women who sing 4 part harmony together. The 4 parts are tenor, lead, baritone and bass. I am a bass, which is the low part.

Here is a little video of my group performing. See if you can spot me.

We are coming up to national competition time. On the 17th of May we will be performing in Sweet Adelines Australia national convention in Hobart.  Things are getting very exciting. Last night we had a dress rehearsal. This Sunday we are singing in a concert for family and friends to have a full run through. Then next week we will be singing at the men's western regional competition. The video above was us singing at this event last year.

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  1. We must catch up while you are here for a drink! I have a friend who is a part of that scene here - Richard Gardam - and I have often heard him singing with his various groups!