Thursday, October 27, 2011

P4F last week - Futuristic challenge

I love the last challenge for Passion 4 Fashion at Scrap Boutique. It is all about the Futuristic fashion fad. I love the design of my layout. It's really cool. I love the colour combo of silver, purple and black. It's such a striking layout. What do you think?

This was our criteria. I found this one really easy and I'm sure I've met the criteria.


FUTURISTIC - This category did not really make it outside Star Trek epoch and may have gone completely during the dot com era. The category emphasizes the look of the electronic and the computer age. The design concept is based on galactic or extra-terrestrial inspired clothing. 
Colour - Strong metallic (gold, silver, etc.), vivid, and contrasting. 
Lines - Angular, sharp and usually asymmetrical. 
Textures - Hard, unusually bold and often overwhelmingly round or square. 
Effects - Impractical to our present times, unique accessories or trim. 
Needs of customer - Bold statement 
Favourite Accessory - Bold geometric accessories. 
Note: Notice the unique accessories, its sharp and angular lines. Shoes with flashing red lights are examples of this style. 

Cool Huh??? 8) 

EXTRA CRITERIA - Please include the following on your LO....
:arrow: Repeat a geometric shape at least 4 times on your LO (eg. square, circle, triangle etc)
:arrow: Include a quote or passage that has something to do with the Future.

The quotes say "The moon is within reach." Perfect right? Also, "It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and reality of tomorrow." I really liked the optimism of that last one.


  1. So cool! Dale this is so striking and bold - great layout!

  2. I love that photo Dale, what a perfect challenge to use it on! Your Get Picky page is fantastic too!