Wednesday, April 13, 2011

5 Kilos

Weigh in day. Lost .3. On Monday I was down to 66.0 so I'm a bit disappointed because I was hoping to be 65.something today. All that kicking the footy with my son and hurting my thumb yesterday and standing out in the sun handing out swimming ribbons didn't do any good for my weight loss journey. Determined to do better this week. Here's the scales photo.
I'm just adding in the link to a weight loss site, as per the challenge this week. I posted before the challenge went up. My Mum came over yesterday and we spent the day together. It was her birthday. She always buys Woman's Day magazine and then passes them on to me. I noticed they had a health and diet link in their website so I went to take a look. It's full of great stuff. Check it out at


  1. I know you will do just fine, Dale! 'Hope that your thumb is feeling better!

  2. You're doing great. Any loss is a positive step to your goal. Hope your thumb is okay.

  3. C'mon Dale, you can get to the 65's - I just know it. Don't let me (or you) down!!! Give it 3 good days this week I reckon and you'll have an excellent chance.